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BYU Collects Big Win, Takes Down Gonzaga

The Cougars stay in NCAA Tournament contention with the win...

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Just a few thoughts as we approach midnight here following that 73-65 oss to Brigham Young

- Kind of the game we expected to see tonight.  BYU came out playing lights out and really established itself early in the game.  Gonzaga played a great game, particularly in the first half to keep it close, but just couldn't make enough plays down the stretch to completely squash the Cougars momentum.

- The Gonzaga bench was a complete non-factor until Gerard Coleman and Ryan Edwards started to assert themselves late in the first half.  Yep, that's right, I said Ryan Edwards.  The big Montanan played clutch minutes and was not only serviceable, he was downright stellar.  He had five points and five boards in the first half.  Coleman was quintessential "Good Coleman" tonight and had his drive working.  I was surprised to not see him in the game more in the second half but, as we have said before, he has still yet to really work in Mark Few's "circle of trust".

- BYU won this game at the start of the second half when they went on a 6-0 run to start the half and crushed the Zags on the glass.  The Cougars finished with an 9 or 10 rebound advantage over the Zags and they gained most of that advantage in the second half.

Gonzaga had their chances but BYU had to have it, and they got it.  As the cliche goes, Gonzaga needs to make sure they don't let this loss lead to several more losses.

More tomorrow...