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Poll Watch: Gonzaga moves up to number seven in AP poll, stay at eight in coaches

There was finally a bit of movement in the top-25 and Gonzaga seized the opportunity.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

The Gonzaga Bulldogs climbed up to No. 7 in the AP poll but remained at No. 8 in the coaches top 25 polls on Monday after defeating BYU in their only game last week.

Gonzaga had previously hung out around No. 8 in both polls for the past couple of weeks as the teams at the top continued to win as well. Finally, last week there were some losses and that allowed for a bit of reshuffling. Louisville lost to the top-ranked Kentucky Wildcats, and subsequently were punished too much.

The big drop was the Arizona Wildcats, who fell to No. 8  in the AP poll from No. 3 after losing to UNLV, 71-67, last week. That loss was enough to give voters reason to drop the only team to beat Gonzaga this season, but just by a minute amount. Gonzaga received 1,249 points in the AP poll while Arizona received 1,243.

The win over St. John's continues to look better for Gonzaga as the Red Storm climbed to No. 15 in the AP poll. Another team of interest to many Bulldog fans -- the Washington Huskies plummeted in the polls after a surprising loss at home to Stony Brook on Sunday.

Here are the full rankings:

AP Coaches
1 Kentucky (65) 1 Kentucky (30)
2 Duke 2 Duke (1)
3 Virginia 3 Virginia
4 Wisconsin 4 Wisconsin
5 Louisville 5 Villanova
6 Villanova 6 Louisville
7 Gonzaga 7 Arizona
8 Arizona 8 Gonzaga
9 Iowa State 9 Iowa State
10 Utah 10 Texas
11 Texas 11 Maryland
12 Maryland 12 Utah
13 Kansas 13 Notre Dame
14 Notre Dame 14 Kansas
15 St. John's 15 West Virginia
16 Wichita State 16 Wichita State
17 West Virginia 17 St. John's
18 Oklahoma 18 Ohio State
19 North Carolina 19 Washington
20 Ohio State 20 North Carolina
21 Washington 21 Oklahoma
22 Baylor 22 Baylor
23 Northern Iowa 23 Northern Iowa
24 Colorado State 24 Colorado State
25 Georgetown 25 San Diego State