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Poll Watch: Gonzaga increases strangle hold on number eight

The Bulldogs held their ground at No. 8 for the second/third consecutive week.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The Gonzaga Bulldogs are starting to like the number eight, coming in ranked No. 8 in the AP poll for the second-straight week and for the third week running according to the coaches poll.

Gonzaga had a couple of cupcake matches over the past week, so there wasn't a lot of room to make any noise in the top 25. Against Texas Southern on Monday, Gonzaga easily won by 40 points. Things were a bit different at the Battle in Seattle on Saturday, where a not too good Cal Poly team hung around longer than expected. The Zags would go on to win that game, 63-50.

A few other teams worth watching for Gonzaga fans. The win over St. John's keeps getting better as the Red Storm keep steadily climbing, now standing 9-1 on the year. Gonzaga's friends (?) to the west over at Washington are now "back on the scene" as the Huskies climbed to No. 13 in the nation. Just a quick note on those Dawgs, before the britches get too big, remember the Huskies have a non-conference strength of schedule ranked sub-300. The only other teams in the top-25 that have had an easier schedule than Washington are Notre Dame and TCU.

Here are the full rankings for both polls.

AP Coaches
1 Kentucky 1 Kentucky
2 Duke 2 Duke
3 Arizona 3 Arizona
4 Louisville 4 Louisville
5 Virginia 5 Virginia
6 Wisconsin 6 Wisconsin
7 Villanova 7 Villanova
8 Gonzaga 8 Gonzaga
9 Texas 9 Texas
10 Kansas 10 Kansas
11 Wichita State 11 Wichita State
12 Iowa State 12 Iowa State
13 Washington 13 Washington
14 Utah 14 Utah
15 Maryland 15 Maryland
16 Notre Dame 16 Notre Dame
17 St. John's 17 West Virginia
18 West Virginia 18 Ohio State
19 Oklahoma 19 St. John's
20 North Carolina 20 Oklahoma
21 Ohio State 21 North Carolina
22 Baylor 22 Baylor
23 Northern Iowa 23 San Diego State
24 Colorado State 24 Northern Iowa
25 TCU 25 Colorado State