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Gonzaga vs. Cal Poly recap: Better late than never

Let's get a page up so we can discuss the Battle in Seattle.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Apologies for the delay folks, I was at the Battle in Seattle last night and watched the Gonzaga Bulldogs barely beat their way through the Cal Poly Mustangs for 40 minutes.

To sum up the game, I still felt like a child at heart entering Key Arena for the one time I will be able to watch the Bulldogs this season. Despite the seemingly lackluster opponent at play, once the starting lineups rang out, I was full of energy and joy. Then the game kept going at the rate it was going. By the end of the game, Gonzaga won, I left and left behind my favorite wool beanie in Key Arena.

That isn't really a metaphor, but this morning I have a rather sour taste in my mouth. A win is a win, is how the saying goes. But previous Gonzaga wins were a bit better than this one, and realistically, Gonzaga shouldn't have beat the spread -- they should have annihilated it. Gonzaga looked like garbage for the better part of 40 minutes and I lost my favorite beanie. Where is my coffee...

Bullet points.

  • The offense was absolutely dreadful outside of anyone named Kevin Pangos or Przemek Karnowski. Every other player on the team rated less than 100 according to Ken Pomeroy.
  • Gonzaga turned the ball over 16 times, its second-highest total on the season. One shy of the 17 turnovers against St. John's. The thing is, the Red Storm have a great defense. Cal Poly doesn't at all. A lot of these turnovers, especially the ones coming from Kyle Dranginis, were painful to watch and made Mark Few jump up and down on the court like a child having a temper tantrum.
  • Angel Nunez's nice start against Texas Southern is apparently meaningless. He didn't see the court despite Gonzaga having a few players playing poorly enough to justify a little bit of mixing up. Take out the total minutes of Texas Southern, and Nunez has seen the court for just 19 minutes in his past five games.
Next up is a week off from college basketball and then conference play.