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Poll Watch: Gonzaga rises one spot in AP, sit at No. 8 in both polls

There was just a bit of movement in the poll for the Bulldogs.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The Gonzaga Bulldogs rose one spot in the AP poll and stayed the same in the coaches poll to start the week ranked No. 8 in both polls.

The Kentucky Wildcats remained the unanimous No. 1 team in the nation according to the AP voters. There are still two coaches not down with Big Blue Nation, with Duke and Arizona spoiling Kentucky's reign in the coaches poll.

Other than that, there isn't much movement in the top of either poll, with the top fifteen teams in the coaches poll standing pat.

Some other schools of interest to this site: the Washington Huskies rose one spot to No. 16 in both polls. Saint Mary's continues to get a few votes in both polls as well. St. John's continued to rise, climbing to No. 20 in the AP poll and entering the top 25 in the coaches poll.

Here are the full top 25 rankings.

AP poll team coaches poll team
1 Kentucky 1 Kentucky
2 Duke 2 Duke
3 Arizona 3 Arizona
4 Louisville 4 Louisville
5 Wisconsin 5 Virginia
6 Virginia 6 Wisconsin
7 Villanova 7 Villanova
8 Gonzaga 8 Gonzaga
9 Texas 9 Texas
10 Kansas 10 Kansas
11 Wichita State 11 Wichita State
12 Ohio State 12 Ohio State
13 Iowa State 13 Iowa State
14 Utah 14 Utah
15 Oklahoma 15 Oklahoma
16 Washington 16 Washington
17 Maryland 17 San Diego State
18 Miami 18 Maryland
19 San Diego State 19 Miami
20 St. John's 20 West Virginia
21 Notre Dame 21 Notre Dame
22 West Virginia 22 Michigan State
23 Butler 23 St. John's
24 North Carolina 24 North Carolina
25 Michigan State 25 Butler