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Gonzaga in the top 10 odds to win the 2014-15 title

If you are gambling man or woman, it might be a bet worth making.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The odds are at courtesy of Bovada, and the Gonzaga Bulldogs placed within the top-10 best odds to win the 2014-15 title, NBC Sports reported on Tuesday.

As a quick refresher, when Bovada first posted the odds way back on April 28, 2014, the Bulldogs were listed at 40/1 odds. That number jumped up to a four-way tie at 25/1, but is still quite a ways behind the presumptive Las Vegas favorite -- the Kentucky Wildcats at 7/2.

The odds further the hype coming in to this season for the Gonzaga Bulldogs. High pre-season rankings, player ratings, hype and more hype have the team on everyone's radar. Is this the team to finally push far into the tournament? Or is it another team that will make another early exit from the NCAA Tournament. I personally can't wait to find out.

Here is the top-10.

Kentucky 7/2
Arizona 9/1
Wisconsin 9/1
Duke 12/1
North Carolina 12/1
Kansas 18/1
Florida 20/1
Gonzaga 25/1
Iowa State 25/1
Louisville 25/1
Texas 25/1

There are a few other relevant teams on the list for this year's edition of the Bulldogs. Early season opponent Southern Methodist have 50/1 odds to take it all. UCLA sits at 66/1 odds and Memphis is at 100/1. BYU is the only other WCC school listed with 300/1 odds to take the whole thing.