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Kevin Pangos finally committed a turnover

The senior point guard lasted almost five games without committing a turnover.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Previously, Kevin Pangos had an assist to turnover ratio of #ERROR because math says you can't divide something by zero. He finished the win over Georgia with a final line of six assists and one turnover. Now, Pangos has an assist to turnover ratio of 29:1.


Seriously though, Pangos' control, prior to his turnover was the best in basketball. Now, he has joined the lowly ranks of individuals in basketball who have one turnover.

For the record, here are your new Kevin Pangos level players in college basketball.

player team minutes assists turnovers
Omar Sherman Miami 117 3 0
Donovan Kates Manhattan 101 0 0

Just looking at that small little list right there is what makes Pangos play to begin the season that much more impressive. Sherman and Kates are not point guards. Pangos, on the other hand, has every play running through him and has been more than a rock at the position. The Gonzaga offense has been stellar so far to start the season and the first person deserving accolades is the one making sure it runs.

So here is where Pangos stands, with the lowly ranks of those who have committed one turnover. Even amid the competition, he is still doing quite a bit better (although huge props to Clay Byrd and his minutes).

player team minutes assists turnovers
Kevin Pangos Gonzaga 138 29 1
Mike Scott Idaho 125 18 1
Clay Byrd North Carolina-Greensboro 164 10 1
Daquan Brickhouse Coppin State 104 8 1
Jimmie Taylor Rider 118 7 1

All of this is even more important considering the potential injury to Josh Perkins. in case you missed it, Perkins got totally brained in the game against Georgia, and, assuming he doesn't have a worse injury, will miss at least a couple of games. If that is the case, Silas Melson will most likely have to burn his red shirt, and going into the meat of the schedule, the Bulldogs will have Pangos and a very-freshman guard to run the show.

This is a good team and good teams have to face adversity to make it to the big dance. Gonzaga might be facing a bit of adversity coming up, so having Pangos playing the way he is right now is the biggest trump card in the deck.