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Gonzaga's Josh Perkins feared to have broken jaw

The talented freshman may miss significant time...

William Mancebo/Getty Images

As time ran down on Gonzaga's win over Georgia at Madison Square Garden, the Bulldogs suffered a potential injury that could alter the 2014-15 season in a big way.  Prized 2014 freshman Josh Perkins suffered what looks to be a severe injury as Georgia's Kenny Gaines delivered a kick to Perkins' jaw.  Here's a look at the play:

The officials decided that this was a standard foul and did not punish Gaines with a flagrant or technical or anything above and beyond the norm.  After watching this once, it is beyond clear that this was not a typical foul.  Sure, you could argue that it was not his intent to possibly break his jaw but it was absolutely his intent to kick his leg out and it appears clear to me that he looked down to watch his leg connect with Perkins' jaw.

It was a flagrant foul, should have resulted in free throws for the Zags, and Gaines should have been sent to the locker room.  There's no debate.

Now, we deal with the aftermath:

If Perkins is out for an extended period of time, I absolutely believe that Silas Melson's redshirt needs to be burned.  Kyle Dranginis has struggled for a good majority of the season and, while he is a solid role player, has proven to not be an offensive threat.  Byron Wesley has struggled of late, as well.  Gonzaga has to keep solid depth in the backcourt or it will once again be another season where this program leans too much on Kevin Pangos and Gary Bell and winds up seeing one (or both) get hurt or worn out at the end of the year.

Gonzaga will welcome Eric McClellan to the team after the Christmas break but it will remain to be seen if Perkins' spot needs to be replaced.  For now, let's hope for the best for Perkins. We'll keep you updated as news comes across.