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Postgame Thread: Gonzaga beats Georgia but may have lost Josh Perkins

It wasn't pretty, but the Bulldogs got it done...

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

It was a matter of time before we had a "come back to reality" game.  Tonight was that game.  Luckily, the reality check still resulted in a win but it was a game that will result in a number of question marks for the Bulldogs that leave Madison Square garden with a pretty sloppy win over the Georgia Bulldogs.  Mark Few's squad will move on to play St. John's on Friday in the finals of the NIT Season Tip-Off.

The first several minutes felt like it would be a continuation of that dream.  The Bulldogs built a ten point lead in no time and it looked like they would blow the doors off the Garden and treat Georgia like St. Thomas Aquinas.  It was Kyle Witljer early and very often in building the Gonzaga lead and eventually maintaining that lead but it didn't come without resistance.  Georgia clamped down midway through the first half, holding the Bulldogs to several several minute scoreless stretches.  In the end, Wiltjer and Kevin Pangos were enough to overpower the Georgia Bulldogs.  Let's take a look at a few things that stood out.

-- Kyle Wiltjer.  Holy cow.  Every which way you can score on the court, Witljer scored it.  He was dominant in the post, hit threes, and was outstanding in the mid-range.  His early defense was spotty but came through big late.

-- Kevin Pangos and Gary Bell were solid but Kyle Dranginis, Byron Wesley, and Josh Perkins struggled mightily.  None of them could get anything going on either end.  Dranginis, in particular, continues to look like a shell of his prolific high school scoring self and Wesley has lost a lot of confidence since early.

-- The officiating was horrid.  Josh Perkins getting kicked in the neck with no major repercussion was enough to show that.

-- Sounds like Perkins may have a broken jaw.  Could force Silas Melson to play this season if true.

-- Has Bob Knight stopped talking yet? Please god I hope so.

More to come later...feel free to use this as your postgame thread...