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Gonzaga destroys St. Joe's, moves to 3-0

Mark Few's club put a monumental beating on the Hawks tonight...

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of recaps include little factoids that say "this game was over when...".  Well, tonight's game against St. Joe's was literally over after about five minutes.  As Gary Bell's second consecutive three pointer went in to give the Bulldogs a 14-2 lead, you could tell Gonzaga was on a whole other level.  From that point on, it was in cruise control.  Cruise control is putting it lightly, actually.  Mark Few's club had a historical evening as they annihilated the Hawks tonight in Spokane.

I won't have much tonight as it approaches 11pm in Denver but the key man tonight was Gary Bell.  He was completely unconscious tonight as he drilled 5-7 from three and 6-8 overall.  He finished with 18 points and, while this was a total team effort, he was the centerpiece of a massive night.

Rather than going over the stats and how lopsided the result was, I do think it is worth discussing the fact that we are witnessing what appears to be a truly special team.  For the first time in years, Gonzaga has a complete roster on both ends of the floor - one that doesn't require certain players to be 'hidden' on certain ends of the floor and that is paying huge dividends.  The Zags are not only moving the ball as well as they ever have, but they are defending as well as ever because they have five true contributors at all times.  It was the biggest thing that jumped out to me tonight - there simply is no letdown when you look at the rotation.

We'll have some more tomorrow with focus on the numbers but, enjoy this one!