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CBS Sports' Gary Parrish ranks Gonzaga No. 7 after SMU win

Expect to see the Zags climb in next Monday's polls if they keep on taking care of business...

William Mancebo/Getty Images

After a big early statement, the Bulldogs are starting to get plenty of recognition across the country.  The hype was big prior to their dominating win over, SMU, but it is approaching a fever pitch as the rest of the nation takes note.  Among those that enjoyed the Bulldogs latest win was CBS Sports' Gary Parrish who feeds the hype flame but updating his top 25 (and one) rankings nearly every day during the season.  Here is Parrish's latest:

1.    Kentucky (3-0)

2.    Duke (3-0)

3.    Arizona (2-0)

4.    Wisconsin (2-0)

5.    North Carolina (2-0)

6.    Wichita State (2-0)

7.    Gonzaga (2-0)

8.    Louisville (2-0)

9.    Kansas (1-1)

10.  Texas (2-0)

11.  Virginia (3-0)

12.  Villanova (2-0)

13.  San Diego State (2-0)

14.  Iowa State (2-0)

15.  VCU (2-0)

16.  Oklahoma (1-0)

17.  Nebraska (2-0)

18.  Ohio State (2-0)

19.  Miami (2-0)

20.  Florida (1-1)

21.  Connecticut (1-0)

22.  Michigan State (1-1)

23.  Kansas State (2-0)

24.  Michigan (2-0)

25.  Southern Methodist (1-1)

26.  Pittsburgh (2-0)

Hard to argue with any of Parrish's early season rankings.  Duke, Kentucky, and Arizona appear to be the class of the NCAA this season so far but I think Gonzaga is right there in that next group with North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Wichita State.  The early December matchup with Arizona will obviously be a huge measuring stick for this program as both teams will likely to go into the matchup as top 10 teams fighting for the "best in the west" distinction.