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BREAKING: Gonzaga takes down Texas, wins all the basketball glory


Ronald Martinez

Gary Bell and Kevin Pangos combined to go 14-14 from three point range, Byron Wesley scored 34 points from various spots on the floor, Kyle Wiltjer played lock down defense, and Przemek Karnowski ripped down both hoops as Gonzaga reportedly clobbered Texas in their secret scrimmage this past weekend.

See how I threw "reportedly" in there?  You can do anything when you put that lovely word in a sentence because it means you can eventually blame someone else for saying it first.

None of the first paragraph is true but ESPN's Jeff Goodman did tweet this out yesterday:

For all we really know (and, honestly, for all we really care about) this tweet might as well mean that Gonzaga won the knockout challenge at the end of the game so Texas had to pick up the dinner tab that night.  The idea of a 'secret scrimmage' is likely far more cool in our heads than it is in actuality.  Additionally, it seems like every year Gonzaga "comes out on top" against Texas in these things so I don't really put much stock into it as it hasn't correlated to multiple Final 4 berths yet.

The cool thing, as we said in our quick preview last week, is that the Zags surely picked up valuable experience in this scrimmage as Texas is a surefire contender in college basketball this season.

If you did happen to hear anything from the janitor at the gymnasium or from your sister's boyfriend's cousin who is the Texas videographer, feel free to post it in the comments below.