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NCAA Rankings: Despite wins, Gonzaga falls three spots in Coaches Poll

Repeat after me - the rankings mean nothing. The rankings mean nothing.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The Gonzaga Bulldogs fell three spots to No. 24 in the USA Today Coaches Poll despite rattling off two wins last week. The Zags are still garnering votes in the AP Top 25, but sit right on the cusp of cracking the rankings.

In a bit of proof that really, the rankings honestly don't mean anything, the only thing that made slight sense was that the Zags narrowed the gap between the two polls this week. The coaches poll didn't penalize the Zags too heavily for the loss to Portland, and Gonzaga sat at No. 21 with 140 votes in Week 12. The same week in the AP Poll, the Zags received 59 votes - good for the equivalent of 28th place.

After defeating San Diego narrowly and BYU definitely, the Zags did a bit worse in each poll. Gonzaga garnered just 51 votes in the AP Top 25 to sit behind Connecticut as the first losers of the top 25. The Zags dropped to No. 24 in the coaches poll despite the two wins.

All in all, the rankings are a nice gauge for probably what could be one of the better teams in the nation. A number is a number, and in the end it is a nice one to have but not one that is required for a good season.