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CBS Sports: Domas Sabonis Could Have Been McDonald's All-American

Lofty praise from Jeff Borzello for the newest Gonzaga Bulldog...

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The signing of Domantas Sabonis came with a lot of attention.  Most headlines were centered around "Son of NBA legend" but that has recently switched to discussions of how good Domas can be in the NCAA.  This morning, as part of a recruiting piece, CBS Sports' Jeff Borzello couldn't help but to throw around some praise for Sabonis.  Here is the snippet of that article:

10. Domantas Sabonis will make an immediate impact for Gonzaga next season. I had to throw in a college note here - as things besides high school basketball come up in conversation with college coaches throughout the weekend. Anyway, Gonzaga signed Domantas Sabonis last week, and word is that the son of Arvydas Sabonis is going to be a huge player for the Zags next season. One person that watched Sabonis in the past said he would have been a McDonald's All-American had he played in the United States. Sabonis is only 17, but will be relied upon right off the bat for Mark Few and the Bulldogs.

We've rattled off some of Sabonis' accomplishments many times but the McDonald's All American comment really signifies just how good he can be.  He's been called one of the top prospect regardless of age in all of Europe and was the youngest player to ever compete in the Spanish league which means he is used to elite competition.

When Przemek Karnowski signed at Gonzaga, he received similar praise but the caveat with him was that he needed to grow into his body a bit more and shed some of the "baby fat".  With Sabonis, that caveat does not exist but there will be an adjustment phase to the style of basketball.  That said, given the players he has been up against overseas, he should have little problem getting used to the competition in the WCC and NCAA.