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2014 Wing Trey Kell Visits Gonzaga

Gonzaga is hosting key 2014 target Trey Kell this weekend

With Silas Melson and Josh Perkins both committed to Gonzaga in #ZagClass14, the coaching staff has turned its focus to securing an elite wing and potentially two big men. While a handful of wings have been associated with Gonzaga during the recruiting period, one of the recruits the staff has been consistently recruiting is Trey Kell.

Kell, who is coming off an impressive AAU season, recently released a top 8 that included Gonzaga. According to Marshawn Cherry, his AAU coach, there were a few reasons the Zags made the cut.

"It was the program," Cherry emphasized. "It's a very good program and Coach Few is a great coach. Their style of play fits him perfect. He is a great shooter and the way they play in the halfcourt and push the ball is a great fit."

At this point, Kell has already taken two visits (Vanderbilt and San Diego St.), which should give him something to compare with his upcoming trip to Spokane (Kell is now on his visit to Spokane).

"He said the visits were good," explained Cherry. "He liked the teams and players. His family has done a good job of making sure they develop a relationship with the coaches. He enjoyed both trips and the family liked the coaches."

This weekend, Kell will make his first visit to Spokane and will have the chance to evaluate the program and see what Gonzaga is about.

"He wants to see the campus and meet the team and the coaching staff," Cherry said. "He wants to see what life is like as a Gonzaga player and see the area. One of the biggest things kids don't realize is that usually when you go to college, you end up laying roots down in that area. You want to make sure you are comfortable where you are going."

There has been some perception that Kell, who is a San Diego native, is a heavy lean to San Diego St . However, Cherry emphasized the point that they wouldn't be taking visits if he wasn't truly open.

"He is open. The vists are for him to see the area and get a feel for the program and see if it is somewhere he would be able to live. If he wasn't open, he wouldn't be doing this. The family is diligent in making sure they find the best fit."