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Understanding The Game: Huntington Prep Coach On Josh Perkins

Huntington Prep coach Rob Fulford breaks down key 2014 recruit Josh Perkins

Any reader that has visited this site over the past year is familiar with Josh Perkins. The elite 2014 point guard has been the priority target of the Gonzaga coaching staff for the past year and is the guy they hope will eventually take over for Kevin Pangos. With his college decision set to be made this upcoming weekend, we caught up with Rob Fulford, the head coach at Huntington Prep to breakdown his game.

Heading into his senior year, Perkins has developed a reputation as one of the elite passers in the country. This is something that has been on display in his short time in West Virignia.

"Josh is the best passing PG I have seen since I have been at Huntington," Fulford explained. "He has a unique gift of making the perfect pass and he makes the other 4 guys on the court better."

It's this ability to make his teammates better on a daily basis that sets Perkins apart from a lot of the top point guard recruits in the country.

"I love his ability to make his teammates better," the Huntington Prep coach explained. "The game has changed so much over the last 10 years, not all PG's do that now. Josh can score and he picks his spots when needed. But, I love PGs that lead, run offense, make open shots and make other guys better. He does that at an elite level."

Like any elite prospect, there is still room for Perkins to improve heading into the Huntington Prep season.

"I love that he is a risk taker and I like that he plays with flare and swag," explained Fulford.  "That being said, I am trying to get him to understand that every play doesn't have to be that way. We will allow him to do his thing, we just want to cut down on turnovers in the process. But, I love how he plays."

Stay tuned this weekend for more with Coach Fulford.