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Gonzaga Officially Promotes Brian Michaelson

Months after the departure of Ray Giacoletti, Gonzaga has announced the promotion of former assistant director of basketball operations, Brian Michaelson


The worst kept secret of the summer is out: Brian Michaelson will replace Ray Giacoletti on the Gonzaga coaching staff. Michaelson, who graduated from Gonzaga in 2005, has been with the program since 2008-09 and was most recently assisting Jerry Krause as the assistant director of operations.

Being one of the most consistent programs over the past decade plus means that the nation has taken notice and that is clear with the coaching turnover for the Zags over the years. Giacoletti's move to Drake was the third time in the past few years that a Bulldog assistant has moved on to a head coaching gig. Bill Grier was a long time assistant before taking over at San Diego and Leon Rice recently took a job as Boise State's head coach.

While many fans were looking for a big name to come in and replace Giacoletti, this move does make sense. Michaelson is a young guy that will likely be the main scout on the staff and provide support for future matchups. With Tommy Lloyd and Donny Daniels, the Zags already have very solid recruiters that can canvas the country and, in Tommy's case, the world and look for top prospects.

Hopefully Michaelson's career follows a similar trajectory as some of the Zag assistants turned head coaches and we wish him the best of luck.