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Kelly Olynyk Has Plantar Fasciitis, Won't Play In Canadian SMNT Training Camp

The former Zag star will look to rest up before the start of the NBA season...


According to Toronto Raptors radio broacaster Eric Smith, former Gonzaga star and current Boston Celtic Kelly Olynyk has been suffering from plantar fasciitis, a common but serious foot injury among athletes. The injury will unfortunately sideline him for this week's senior men's national team training camp as the Canadian team prepares for a world championship qualification tournament which starts on August 30th.

As numerous reports have pointed out, there is no quick fix for plantar fasciitis. It requires a great deal of rest which explains why KO will sit out the training camp even though he has been a regular piece of the Canadian national team since even before he arrived at Gonzaga. had a great quote from Joakim Noah who also suffers from this condition:

"It really sucks. Plantar fasciitis sucks," Noah told reporters at the end of April. "It feels like you have needles underneath your foot while you're playing. That's what it feels like. You can imagine how hard it is when you need to run or you need to jump; all the things you have to do when playing basketball. I mean, you don't want needles in your feet, right?"

Hopefully Kelly gets ample rest prior to the start of the NBA season. He was arguably the top performer in summer league and had Boston fans abuzz with his potential.