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Reports: Giacoletti To Accept Drake Head Coaching Position

After six years as an assistant to Mark Few at Gonzaga, Ray Giacoletti is moving on it appears. For the past few days, Giacoletti has been linked to the Drake position and yesterday, he flew out to Iowa to interview with the brass at the university. Evidently, their sales pitch was strong enough to lure him back into the head coaching ranks.

As most know, prior to coming on at Gonzaga, Giacoletti had been the head coach at Utah but he was unceremoniously let go by the Utes after a few rough seasons. The Utah situation no doubt left a sour taste in Giacoletti's mouth as he moved on to Spokane to work under Mark Few. Becoming a head coach again seemed to always be the plan for him and this position makes sense. He is a native of the Midwest and although he has spent ample time in the Northwest, you can't fault Giacoletti for jumping at the chance to lead a program again.

Best of luck to Coach Giacoletti and we will keep you posted as it relates to Gonzaga filling this void.