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Gonzaga Earns A No. 1 Seed In The West

A historic day for the program as Gonzaga has earned a spot on the top line...


All the bracketology sessions and insane prognostications are now over. The field is locked in, bubbles have been popped, and now it is just time to play basketball. The results are obviously very beneficial for the Gonzaga Bulldogs. The Zags earned a No. 1 seed which is a first in the program's history. They will be in the West region meaning that there is no extensive travel for this program. They'll play their first two games in Salt Lake City and, should they advance, they will move onto Los Angeles.

As for their bracket, I think it sets up incredibly well for the Bulldogs. The 8/9 matchup of Pittsburgh and Wichita State is very intriguing as the Panthers have a very solid frontcourt that will matchup well with the Zags. That said, I think the depth of the Bulldogs is really going to be factor if those two teams square off.

Ohio State and New Mexico are going to be very tough outs. They both do a great job on the defensive end of the floor and are a couple of the toughest teams in the nation. That said, this is a Gonzaga team that is unlike any other in recent memory. They defend very well and won't be intimidated by teams that want to play physical. It feels odd saying this about a team that is on the top-line, but I think the Zags are going to surprise a lot of the national talking heads that didn't happen to stay up late enough to watch this team.

My advice: keep away from the national programs for the next few days because they are going to tell you that the Zags will lose to Pittsburgh and, if they don't they'll lose to Wisconsin, if they don't they'll lose to Ohio State. As we said when the Zags become the No. 1 ranked team in the country, enjoy this historic moment.