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Selection Sunday Live Thread: Will The Zags Grab A No. 1 Seed?

Mark Few's squad is a favorite to land a 1-seed in this year's NCAA Tournament...


Since dominating Saint Mary's six days ago, the Zags have had the pleasure of being able to sit back and rest. Rest while their 31-2 record is examine, scrutinized, and compared to others. The BCS conferences took center stage this past week and, as you'd expect, chaos did ensue. Duke placed themselves on the 1-line bubble while Louisville and, potentially Kansas may have earned their way onto the top line.

At this point, Gonzaga is the odds on favorite to be the No. 1 seed out west. With that said, on Selection Sunday you just never know. There are likely 6 teams that will be considered for a place on the 1-line: Indiana, Louisville, Gonzaga, Kansas, Duke, and Miami. If it were me selecting the teams, it would be the first four listed. Duke's early loss in the ACC Tournament was probably enough to knock them off and Miami has accumulated too many bad losses down the stretch to be considered seriously. In the end, I think Kansas and Duke will battle it out for the last 1-seed..

At the end of the day, the key for the Zags is to be out west and stay as close as possible to Spokane. I can't see the committee placing them anywhere outside of the West Region so that means they will start in Salt Lake City and then head off to Los Angeles for the region finals.

This will be your thread for the day as we get ready for what should be another historic day for Gonzaga basketball and the start of an incredible journey...