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Gonzaga Rises To A One-Seed In Joe Lunardi's Latest Bracketology

The most famous Bracketologist in the business has the Zags as a one seed in his latest work...

After Florida's loss to Missouri, Joe Lunardi tweeted out that Gonzaga was his newest #1 seed and his updated Bracketology today reflects that change as the Bulldogs are now the top seed in the West bracket.

While their position as a top seed shouldn't be taken to mean they are a lock to be there if they win out, it does feel good seeing the broader media recognize just how impressive the Zags have been this season. Furthermore, as Gonzaga fans, we have grown accustomed to being underwhelmed by where our beloved Bulldogs are seeded come March and we might suffer the very same fate this time around. I've seen bracket projections that have GU as a one seed and have seen several that have them as low as a three seed. Rest assured that with another loss this year, most folks will have no problem sliding the Zags way down their brackets.

In the end, this is a fun time and it is exciting to know that if the Zags take care of their business and win the games they should win, they will be in contention for that desired one seed.