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Kevin Pangos injury: Big toe is still a problem

The Gonzaga guard's big toe is limiting his ability to drive to the basket.

William Mancebo

Take it from anyone, injuries to the feet can take quite a while to heal. Kevin Pangos is slowly finding that out as he deals with a sprained toe, Jim Meehan of The Spokesman Review reported on Wednesday.

Pangos apparently sprained his right big toe in practice before the game against New Mexico State. That means he has been dealing with the injury for much of the month, and just looking at his box score, it's pretty apparent. Watching the game tape, it is even more apparent.

He averaged 20.3 points while shooting 50.5 percent from the floor before the injury. Since then, it has been 14.3 points off of 39 percent shooting. The most that has changed is his ability to drive to the rim. Pangos had 39 trips to the free throw line through his first eight games, and that number has been reduced to six since the injury.

Things were getting better, but a player stepped on the toe and aggravated the injury in the Battle in Seattle. Pangos told Meehan that he wears some protective gear for the toe, but there is only so much space inside of a shoe. Since then, he has been watching drills and physical reps from the bench, because often the only way to heal the foot is just to stay off of it.

"I've played in three games since doing it but it's showing improvement," Pangos said. "I'm hoping by Thursday or Friday it's healed. It's feeling a lot better, it's just that last little bit (of recovery) and there's no point in injuring it in practice."

Pangos said that the only time he considered sitting was against the New Mexico State game.