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Gonzaga vs. Bryant: Post game highlights, interviews and box score

The Zags looked great last night. Re-live a bit of the game.

The Gonzaga Bulldogs were absolutely clicking against the Bryant Bulldogs to open the season with a, 100-76, win on Saturday.

I was hoping to have a box score embedded in this post, but I'm not finding one easily hoping in here. Hopefully in the future I'll be able to do it, so for now, just head here and stare at the glorious numbers.

There are some obvious takeaways from just looking at the box score. You can't discount Sam Dower's game last night. He was phenomenal in every aspect, especially considering that Karnowski was limited so much. Alex Francis, one of Bryant's best players, had a game that was hardly impressive, and I'm not one to sing the praises of Dower so quickly, but he didn't look completely hapless.

The Zags had 16 assists, and it was great to see them making the extra pass. Kevin Pangos did his usual boom or bust from beyond the arc, but I would have him taking every single one of those open looks no matter what. Eventually, they will start to fall in.

Dyami Starks had 35 points, and I could really care less. He took 22 shots and was the main option on a team that has very few options. I expected a big game from him, and he gave one. There isn't too much more to make of it.

And here are some post-game interviews to go with it.