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Slipper Still Fits United! What Can You Expect?

SB Nation and The Slipper Still Fits got a huge makeover. Let us know your comments, questions, or concerns here...

Ethan Miller - Getty Images

Hey guys -

As we hinted at last week, we have had a monumental change at The Slipper Still Fits. While there will undoubtedly be growing pains as we all get used to the new look and feel, I can assure you all that this is an incredible improvement over the old site layout.

A few things this will help us with:

Recruiting: Couldn't be more excited for how this will impact our recruiting coverage. In SB Nation United, we basically create sites within our site to manage our coverage. These "Hubs" as they are called will be fundamental to getting you the most relevant news. You'll see these Hubs pop up in the very near future.

Non-Men's Basketball News: Along the same lines as the previous post, the new Hubs should allow us the ability to do much more coverage on the other sports at Gonzaga without detracting from the reason most of you are all here.

Collaboration: We are like 320ish blogs strong here at SB Nation and they are all churning out incredible content so you will see posts and features from other sites pop up here from time to time, particularly as we get closer to the season. The overarching theme of our new format is to bring together our communities and we plan to really take advantage of that here.

There are a few things missing from the old site (everyone's favorite recruiting big board) but we plan to re-work that to make it exponentially better and more up to date on a daily basis.

For now, if you are freaking out or have questions, feel free to leave a comment on this thread. We hope you enjoy!!

And...if you don't is an awesome trick shot video by Kevin Pangos and co....