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2013 Recruiting: Jordan Mathews No Longer Considering Gonzaga

We have learned that Jordan Mathews, one of the last remaining high school prospects on Gonzaga's radar, will no longer be visiting Spokane and is no longer considering Gonzaga.

Last night, it came across that Mathews scheduled a trip to Kansas State for this coming weekend which came as a surprise as it was not scheduled when we spoke to him a few weeks ago. Whether or not that visit was scheduled following the separation between the Zags and Mathews is unknown but obviously something changed over the past couple weeks.

This news is certainly an enormous disappointment as Mathews' appeared to be an outstanding option to come in and make a solid impact on this program. In the recently released Rivals 150, Mathews checked in at #85 and is a four-star prospect. With the elimination of Gonzaga, it appears smart money is on Kansas State, Marquette, Wake Forest, or Cal to land his signature but there are still many visits to be taken.

Similar to this time last year, we have seen a number of very talented prospects come and go from Gonzaga's radar. This current situation is eerily similar to Skylar Spencer's recruitment last year as many thought Gonzaga was a clear leader and all of the sudden, something drastic changed. We have heard rumblings that the staff was a bit concerned about the amount of immediate playing time they could offer talented prospects like Mathews but it seemed like a very logical fit.

We wish Jordan the best of luck as he pursues other options. For Gonzaga, the cupboard that is 2013 recruiting has become quite bare. Chris Griffin, a JUCO prospect, is scheduled to visit on the 15th of September. We will keep you posted on further developments.

If nothing else, what has developed over the past few months has made the 2014 recruiting class one of the most pivotal in the history of the program.