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Gonzaga reportedly lands 2013 center Ryan Edwards

Max and I seem to have this conversation every summer. "What if we were to look back at all the recruiting cycles and compare what we thought we were going to get vs. what actually wound up happening?". I can tell you that if that were to happen, you would probably see that a majority of the Zags on the current roster and in years past were guys that were not widely covered by us or any other recruiting service.

Thus, we shouldn't be surprised that Greg Hicks of is reporting that Gonzaga has landed a verbal commitment from 2013 center Ryan Edwards. Edwards, according the Hicks, stands at 7-feet tall and weighs somewhere around 280 lbs. This is truthfully the first time I have heard the young man's name so it may take some time to shake down some news on him. Here is a good summation of his junior season playing for Glacier High School:

Edwards was possibly the most dominant center in the state last season, leading all players in rebounds (10.8) and blocked shots (3.0) per game. He averaged a double-double for the season, scoring 12.8 points per game. He is one of just three juniors named All State this season.

According to Hicks, Edwards does not play AAU basketball and will just be playing with his high school team over the summer.

If there are any Montana folks that have seen or heard of Edwards, we would love to hear any reports we can get as we look to ascertain more info in the coming days. For now, it looks like Edwards joins the 2013 class which was formerly only occupied by fellow under the radar prospect Luke Meikle.