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Olympic Moments: John Stockton Just Can't Get Left Alone

As we all know, the Dream Team is one of the most, and arguably the most, beloved team in all of American sports history. The team was comprised of the best of the best of what many considered the golden age of American basketball. While the current crop of talent now is phenomenal, it will be hard to duplicate the talent and personalities that the dream team possessed.

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Former Gonzaga Bulldog point guard John Stockon was on that incredible team and while most players like Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, or Patrick Ewing couldn't walk through the streets of Barcelona without being bugged, the above video shows that Stockton was hilariously seeking out his own fans to bug.

While Stockton will never be as recognizable (except in Spokane) as a 7' Patrick Ewing or 7'1'' David Robinson, it is still hilarious that even fans from the USA don't recognize one of the best pure point guards in NBA history.

As we all know, Stockton is still an integral member of the Gonzaga family. His son David is the teams current backup point guard and John is often working out with the team and attends every game. As the Olympics approach, hopefully this video gives you a good laugh at one of the greatest Zags of all time.


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