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Friday News & Notes: Jordan Mathews Reportedly To Visit Gonzaga

The Gonzaga coaching staff has hit the road and is attracting some big names...
The Gonzaga coaching staff has hit the road and is attracting some big names...

Happy Friday to everyone! If you are like me, this has been a ridiculously long week but we are almost there. The combination of a full work week + no decent sports on TV makes things really rough. Thankfully, the July evaluation period is in full swing but it is painful not being able to be there or watch. Hence why we have to rely on other folks' reports. I promise you that in the near future, Max and I will be out to these tournaments to get some first hand goodness. For now, here is what is on our minds this morning.

-- Yesterday, there was an article on 2013 guard prospect Jordan Mathews done by Rivals' Colorado affiliate which did not mention Gonzaga. Turns out there was another article done by San Diego State's Rivals affiliate which lists Gonzaga and actually has this tremendous little nugget:

He will "for sure" take an official visit to Gonzaga in the fall, but has to think about the other four officials.

Like I said, sucks not being there to get the real scoop but we are trying to confirm Jordan's visit schedule. We should know much more in August when he trims down his list to eight and, from this, we would assuredly expect the Bulldogs to be on that list.

At this point, we have not been able to track down where Mark Few has been (if anywhere) during this first period but I would be pretty shocked if he wasn't at Peach Jam next week where Mathews will be.

-- Another guard that Gonzaga has been after pretty heavily for some time is Darin Johnson from Sacramento. Good news for the Zags is that they were on him early...bad news is that he is absolutely blowing up at the Reebok Breakout Camp. A couple tweets:

Not going to lie, kind of hoping he would miss some shots to stay under the radar but it is good to see Darin blowing up. Will be interesting to see his offer list coming out of the July period and where he decides to take officials. He has already unofficially visited GU.

A few quick hits

Three big time names have recently listed Gonzaga... \

-- Tony Trocha, a 6'10'' big man that hails from Colombia is listing the Zags per Evan Daniels.

-- Issac Hamilton continues to claim interest from Gonzaga with a slew of others. Will be an extremely tough get but he is still sorting out the visits he wants to take.

-- Roschon Prince, a four-star small forward, said in a recent article that Gonzaga is one of the schools coming at him the hardest. He hasn't finalized his visit list yet so we will see what happens there.

Looking toward the future

-- A name you are going to hear A LOT of on the national scene will be 2016 C Trevor Stanback. Stanback, the brother of UNLV's Chace Stanback is probably going to be a top-10, if not higher, recruit in the 2016 cycle. We believe Donny Daniels was involved in bringing his brother Chace to UCLA so their could already be a bond there. Per Josh Gershon, the Zags are already after him:

As always, keep in tuned here for any updates during the July period...