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Gonzaga v. West Virginia Rematch To Be Part Of ESPN Tip Off Marathon


Gonzaga and West Virginia might as well be in the same conference. Alright, so they are virtually separated by the entire stretch of the United States but they are likely to be sick of one another by December. As we all pleasantly remember, the Bulldogs smoked West Virginia this past March in the second (first) round of the NCAA Tournament by a score of 77-54. In the 2012-13 season, it is possible that the Zags and Mountaineers might lock up the same month.

The two squads will definitely meet on Tuesday, November 13th and it was announced that the game would be taking place at Gonzaga as part of ESPN's Tip Off Marathon. The two teams will also both be participating in the Old Spice Classic which kicks off on November 22nd.

In that initial game, it seems like the Bulldogs have a major advantage. Not only will WVU be coming across the country but they will be playing at a time they are used to calling midnight. I realize that Bob Huggins will likely bring his squad to the West Coast to try and acclimate them before tip-off but as a Gonzaga fan, we are the ones used to watching our team play under outlandish circumstances so it feels good having this rare advantage.

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