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Recruiting: Mam Jaiteh likely out of the picture, Gerard Coleman to visit Xavier

Gerard Coleman is reportedly down to Xavier and Gonzaga.  He will visit Xavier tomorrow.
Gerard Coleman is reportedly down to Xavier and Gonzaga. He will visit Xavier tomorrow.

For the past few weeks, two names have come into the picture as guys that we could be seeing as members of the Gonzaga basketball team very soon. We have discussed both quite a bit and it appears that each are close to making a final decision about their future.

We have recently learned that French prospect Mam Jaiteh will likely opt to play professionally rather than come to the states for college ball. According to Christophe Ney of, the odds of seeing Jaiteh in the states is very slim. Along with Gonzaga, he also took a trip to the University of Washington. Jaiteh was also thought to be leaning more towards a professional career but he would have been a very nice addition to either program. Complete speculation on my part but it is possible that the thought of possibly redshirting in college may have soured him to the idea of attempting a college career.

Gerard Coleman has been a wildly intriguing prospect since he announced his intention to transfer. The former Providence small forward is a proven commodity and it was recently reported that he is down to Xavier and Gonzaga. He recently visited Spokane and, by all accounts, had a great time. We recently learned that Coleman will visit Xavier tomorrow and then will likely make his decision. Xavier obviously has plenty to offer but I really like the way that Gonzaga stacks up for Coleman. He'll have the opportunity to start right away after he sits out a year at the small forward and can play for a team that looks to have some excellent potential in coming years.

We'll keep you up to date on all developments with these two as with any other news we come across.