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Congrats Ronny Turiaf, NBA Champion


Every program has players that define it. At Gonzaga, we have been very lucky to have a string of outstanding players that have left such a mark on the name "Gonzaga" that calling them "former Zags" is almost an insult. One of the players that fits this mold is Ronny Turiaf. As someone that wasn't around for the John Stockton days at Gonzaga, Ronny is the guy that I associated Gonzaga with when I was growing up. Images of him running down the court screaming and playing with incredible passion will always stick in my head. Last night, Ronny reached the pinnacle of professional basketball as he helped the Miami Heat take down the Oklahoma City Thunder in five games to claim the NBA Title.

Even though he has bounced around alot during his career, Ronny has always seemed like a huge emotional part of each team he is on. His statline will never wow folks in the NBA but you always hear how Ronny is a guy that other players want on their team because he has a very contagious personality and plays the game like a kid.

I couldn't be happier for Ronny to get a title. Considering all that he has gone through in terms of his health, it is amazing he is even able to get on the court.

Big congrats to Ronny, all of Zag nation is extremely proud!