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Friday News & Notes: 2013 Visitor On Campus

Spike will need to arrive a little earlier at the 2013-14 WCC Tournament.
Spike will need to arrive a little earlier at the 2013-14 WCC Tournament.

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With the departure of Mathis Monninghoff, the scholarship chart is looking about as bare as I can ever remember. Nine true scholarship athletes are on the books for 2012-13, one of which - Gerard Coleman - won't even be able to participate in the 2012-13 season. The Hoff's departure, while it comes as no surprise, is another reminder that although this team is very skilled next season, it is extremely thin. If all injuries are avoided, it sets up to be a tremendous rotation but one injury could have a drastic effect if no other players are added to the roster. Not saying I am concerned yet is weird to see all those OPEN's on the left side of the scholly chart.

With that are a few little pieces of news heading into your weekend.

-- 2013 prospect Darin Johnson is taking an unofficial visit to Spokane this weekend. Johnson is a very intriguing prospect in the '13 class but one that is still relatively unknown to most. Out of Elk Grove, CA, Johnson is a 6'4, 195 lb wing that can play a number of positions but hasn't really settled on one yet. His mid-range game highlight his strength but he is still working on his perimeter jumper and hasn't become a skilled distributor yet. From all reports, he would fit in very well at Gonzaga as he plays at an extremely fast pace. Developing a shooting conscious, however, could determine as to what level of program he lands at. USC has recently offered him and we have heard that he has a top four of USC, Gonzaga, WSU, and Colorado. WSU has offered him but we do not believe the Zags or Colorado have yet. The rest of his offers are from other non-BCS schools.

-- ESPN is reporting that the WCC Tournament format will be changing when Pacific comes aboard in 2013-14. The top two seeds in the tournament will no longer have a double bye into the semifinals. Instead, the bottom four teams will play on the first day and then the quarterfinals will be on day 2 with all remaining teams playing. Pacific will be the 10th team in the conference.

That's it! Enjoy your weekend, everyone!