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Mathis Monninghoff leaves Gonzaga, will play professionally in Germany

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At long last, the rumors have finally been confirmed. Mathis Monninghoff, a reserve wing for the Zags, has left the team and will play pro ball in Germany. The Hoff joins Mathis Keita and Ryan Spangler as players that have left the program this offseason. While transfers are never good, this one, like Mathis Keita's were one's that most saw coming. Monninghoff only played about six minutes last season after playing 13 his freshman year and he just never strung it together for the Zags.

He came in as a sharpshooter with the prototypical wing physique and did show flashes of being a very solid offensive threat. At times, he even drew comparisons to former Zag Micah Downs. Inconsistent minutes seemed to lead to inconsistent performance and the Hoff really disappeared for a majority of last season.

Now that Kyle Dranginis is coming off a redshirt season and Gerard Coleman coming over via transfer and being eligible in the 2013-14 season, it is likely that Mathis saw the writing on the wall that it was never really going to work out for him at GU.

We wish Mathis the best of luck in his professional career.