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Let's Discuss...The Small Forward


In various posts we have seen discussions break out about the 2012-13 team and what we all expect it to look like. For the most part, everyone seems to be on the same page with the rotation, minutes, etc. The one major outlier seems to be the small forward position. There are four guys on the roster right now that will be in the running to get minutes at this spot. Let's take a very quick look at each:

Guy Landry Edi: Oustanding athlete and defender; Guy brings a level of intensity to the team that no one else at the position can. Offensive consistency is the big key for Edi but his potential was evident last season.

Mathis Monninghoff: Rumors have swirled this offseason about the Hoff and whether or not he will transfer. His minutes last year were largely in clean up time. He's a talented shooter but has never been able to consistently bring it for the Zags.

Mike Hart: Everyone's favorite walk on turned starter. Hart started early last season for the Zags at SF before being supplanted by Landry Edi. Hart is a very tenacious defender and rebounder but will never contribute offensively.

Kyle Dranginis: The redshirt freshman from Idaho came to Spokane as a wiry guard and the hope is that he used his redshirt season to familiarize himself with the weight room and get used to playing against D1 athletes. A very explosive scorer in high school, many are hoping Dranginis, like Pangos and Bell, is another stud guard from the 2011 class.

With that said, who do you want to see at the small forward position most this season? What role does this person need to fill? With a very talented backcourt of Gary Bell and Kevin Pangos, does Gonzaga need a grind it out guy rather than a scorer?

There are a lot of questions so let's hear what you have to say!