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Karnowski Drawing Attention Of NBA Scouts? Part Two Of Our Look At Przemek Karnowski

After providing you guys with some background on Przemek Karnowski in the first-part of our three-part feature, this segment gives a little more background on where the Polish center needs to improve. We also gather some insight into just how coveted Karnowski is and what the future might hold beyond the college level.

In order to learn more about how Karnowski, we decided to check in with Rafal Juc, who is an employee of the Polish Basketball Federation and a basketball scout for We want to thank Rafal once again for taking the time to provide some terrific insight about this intriguing prospect. Here is Part II of the interview with Rafal. Be sure to check Rafal Juc out on Twitter (@rafjuc)

TSSF: You have mentioned on Twitter that there have been NBA scouts who have come out and watched Karnowski. Is he still planning to come play basketball in the NCAA next season? If so, what schools is he really considering the hardest at this point?

Rafal Juc: That is correct. Several NBA scouts have come to watch him. I was told that at least 7 NBA scouts were in Warsaw in January, specifically to see Karnowski play. It shows how promising of a prospect he is. He is on the radar of many NBA teams, but it does not mean that he will immediately join the league. Scouts and coaches know that he has a long way to go to reach that level. Since his main goal is to reach the NBA, Karnowski is just looking at all of his opportunities and making sure he makes the right choice for his future. He still has not made a final decision, but it now seems that he is even closer to deciding on going to the states to play rather than sign a contract professionally over here.

When I spoke with his father last month, I was told that Karnowski has got at least 30 scholarship offers! Word on the street is that Karnowski has cut his list to his top 10 schools, which include: Gonzaga, California, Cincinnati, Washington State and Utah. Too be honest, Karnowski is really reserved about his recruiting process. He is most focused on finishing out this season and playing at the best level he can.

TSSF: In a lot of his highlights, Karnowski shows good range out to the perimeter? What areas does he need to improve on the offensive end in order to reach his potential?

Rafal Juc : Karnowski possesses a consistent mid-range shot, as well as a really nice fade-away jumper. In comparing Karnowski to American high school players, his advantage is definitely in his technical skills. On the other hand, he is not only slower, but also not as strong as his American opponents. This means that it is harder for him to fight for position in the post. Karnowski also needs to work on his decision-making, because sometimes the game is too fast for him, which leads to some turnovers.

He is really dangerous in the pick-and-roll, but needs to learn to roll after the screen, which will allow him to get the pass near the basket, instead of deciding to pop and shoot the mid-range jumper. Karnowski still isn't comfortable with his back to the basket. He rarely finishes with a hook shot or with a spin-move in the paint. Since he is still young, he is still not aware of the advantage he has with his size and body, which leads to him spending too much time on the high post and finishing with the jumper.