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Memo: President to Kennel Club

Gonzaga students received this memo (below the jump) today from President McCulloh. Should chants mocking previous sexcapades (Davies) be off-limits? How about light-hearted taunts about Mormonism? Make your own decisions. Rumor is ESPN and the Athletic Department are double-checking everything that comes in that door.


"As we near the conclusion of WCC season play and the upcoming tournament, excitement is once again building as it always does this time of year. This week – both today and Saturday – Gonzaga Men’s and Women’s basketball will host teams representing Brigham Young University, the newest member of our league.

Given the importance of these contests for both institutions (and those of the West Coast Conference), a passionate outpouring of support for our Zags is both appropriate and understandable.

Dr. Weitz has previously communicated about these matters, and I too ask that the expressions of our support be positive, appropriate and respectful, as is reflective of our long and historic tradition. In the cauldron of excitement and passion that high-level athletic competition allows us to experience and enjoy, it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that without our opponents, we would not have these opportunities. As you may be aware, Gonzaga is currently ranked third in the Naismith "Student Section of the Year" competition, reflective of the intensity and degree of creative participation by our students, led in significant part by the Kennel Club. As today’s Spokesman-Review noted, a group of GU students have created a Facebook page called, "Take the Hate Out of Hoops" in an effort to raise awareness of the profoundly inappropriate and negative impact that hate speech, bias incidents, and inappropriate behavior can have upon individuals and our institution.

Last season, Coach Few enjoined us all to "keep Gonzaga the best place to play basketball in America." I join with him, Coach Graves, our student-athletes and all who work so hard to represent Gonzaga in reminding us that this challenge falls to each and every one of us -- whether at McCarthey or in the virtual fan-zone of social media. Congratulations to our students and good luck to our Bulldogs: Go Zags!"