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ESPN Power Rankings: Zags Check In At #12

In the first edition of ESPN's Power Rankings, Gonzaga is in at 12th.

In case you aren't familiar with ESPN's power rankings, they enlist everyone that has an opinion to vote and, in total, they have 18 voters this season so it is a nice proxy for what to expect from the AP voters and the coaches. The highest individual ranking for the Zags came from former coach Seth Greenberg who is so impressed with GU that he thinks they are the 3rd best team in the nation. Their low was 18th from a couple voters. Here is what ESPN's Myron Medcalf had to say about the Bulldogs:

The Bulldogs embarrassed West Virginia (84-50) Tuesday and knocked off South Dakota (96-58) Sunday. They'll play Clemson on Thanksgiving in the opening round of the Old Spice Classic.

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