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The Day After: Mark Few Is Happy, Floyd Mayweather Made $142K, & Other Links

Links and reactions from Gonzaga's dominating win over West Virginia...

Can they play again tonight? Please!

Unfortunately, we don't get to see this team until Sunday but, if you are like me, you'l be re-watching last night's game against West Virginia several times. It wasn't a perfect game by any means. There is plenty of room for improvement whether it be free throw shooting, interior play, getting off to quicker starts, etc. What is the point in dwelling though? That was an ass kicking and it featured Gonzaga showing their incredible depth and frustrating the you know what out of Bob Huggins and the Mountaineers.

As you would expect, the performance generated a whole lot of buzz from local and national media. Let's take a look at what is being said...

-- First of all, even though he is a polarizing figure, no one gambles with more publicity that Floyd Mayweather. It just works out that Floyd was confident in the Zags and he won a cool $142K last night.

-- CBS Sports blogger Jeff Borzello was impressed with the Zags. He references the typical hype machine that surrounds the Zags and then says this team feels different - but, wait, no they aren't that good but wait, oh well whatever let's move on. Someone has to write these late night pieces for CBS, I guess.

-- Yahoo! is high on the Zags, as well. There is actually a funny little slip by the author Jeff Eisenberg:

It's always dangerous to read too much into one early game - particularly at home - but this Gonzaga team looks deep and talented enough to be formidable in March. The only bad news for the Zags is West Virginia isn't on the schedule again.

West Virginia will likely be on the schedule again as both teams will likely make it to the Old Spice Classic finals.

-- Gonzaga Athletics has done a great job with their coverage this season. They are providing the fans with a more all-encompassing look at the program and post-game videos like this are an example of that. Mark Few loves his squad.

-- The Spokesman's Jim Meehan had a nice game recap, as well.

-- The Spokesman's John Blanchette also offered up his opinion with this great line:

At the end of that slice of truly miserable West Virginia basketball, the Zags led 17-2 - despite having missed 10 of their own first 11 shots.

WVU Reaction:

-- Huggy Bear isn't terribly happy with his squad. For all quotes, links, and reactions, head over to Smoking Musket who has a great recap piece of their own.