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Everything You Need To Know About Northwest Nazarene University

Gonzaga will play their first and only exhibition game this season on Saturday against Northwest Nazarene.


In the interest of full disclosure, it is best that I tell you now that the odds of Max, Joe, or myself writing a full bore game preview of Northwest Nazarene is about as likely as it is that Northwest Nazarene actually beats Gonzaga. With that said, it isn't my intention to completely ignore the basketball players of NW Nazarene. Let's take a look at what you need to know about the Northwest Nazarene

1. There is an obvious headline here: "NW Nazarene Looks To Show Dranginis He Should Have Stayed Home". Confused? You probably should be but I will explain. Northwest Nazarene is located in the fine town of Nampa, Idaho where our very own Kyle Dranginis hails from. From my research, NW Nazarene was cut out of consideration somewhat early in Kyle's recruitment and, as you can guess, they have not forgotten.

2. We have a very rare directional, non-state or city school on our hands. This one is pretty impressive. We all have our favorite directional schools across the country whether it is Northwest Iowa, Central Michigan, or my favorite, Georgia Southwestern State University. It isn't often, however, we see non-state directional schools which is what we have here with Northwest Nazarene University. In case you are wondering, no, there isn't simply a North Nazarene University in the United States but, yes, there is an Eastern, a Southern, and a MidAmerican version.

3. Yes, they have some famous alumni. Recognize this guy?


Yep, that is Richard Hieb and along with going to outer space, he graduated from NW Nazarene in 1977.

4. Their best player loves Bieber. You're welcome, Kennel Club.

What's on your iPod: Chris Tomlin, Justin Bieber, Sanctus Real, Shane & Shane

Zags and Crusaders tip off at 5 PM on Saturday. Here we go!