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NBC Sports: Zags Check In At #19

Pretty concise preview of the Zags from Rob Dauster of CollegeBasketballTalk on NBC Sports. While this description of Elias Harris is a bit head-scratching, I think I agree with the overall point of view put forth by Dauster:

After battling injuries as a sophomore, Harris had a somewhat disappointing, albeit promising, junior year. Harris reaffirm his potential as a lottery pick last year, but his value as a piece to Gonzaga's puzzle skyrocketed. By the end of the season, Harris was Few's best rebounder and one of his best post defenders.

Moving right along...Dauster's preview is probably one of the few that actually calls out Kyle Dranginis as one to watch and raves about Gary Bell's importance to this team.

Like many other national pundits, Dauster seems to really like the Zags but is in 'wait and see' mode which explains them being in the latter part of the top-25.