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Zags out of the mix for Katin Reinhardt?


With the arrival of August, coaches across the country are hoping (praying) that all their hard work during the July evaluatoin period paid off.  While there is still some AAU ball left and some recruiting to be done, most prospects in the 2012 cycle have a good idea about what schools they want to look into further.  We've heard Gonzaga connected with a number of talented and intriguing prospects but perhaps none have been as appealing as Mater Dei's Katin Reinhardt.  In a recent article, however, it appears that Reinhardt is currently looking in a different direction.

"Every summer I go to my grandma's house, who lives in Vegas. Since UNLV is recruiting me I think I'm going to go down and check the school out I think this week," Reinhardt said.

"I think I'm going to take one or two more unofficials in August," he said. "I'd like to see Texas and Baylor. My cousins and aunt and uncle live in Texas so I can make a whole trip out of that."

 It is very possible that Katin is simply lumping in some school visits with family vacations but the bigger issue is that some of the bigger sharks (Texas, Big East schools) are now lurking.  What is interesting, however, is that I'd wager that if you polled the major recruiting anaylsts, they'd probably tell you that the favorite is UNLV.  By all accounts, they have made Katin their #1 priority and have really been giving him the full court press. 

Katin injured his ankle at the beginning of the evaulation period but what is interesting is that, in the few games he has been back for, Gonzaga has seemingly been absent.  I won't speculate whether the Zags have 'cooled' on him or if he said 'thanks but no thanks' but it seems like the trail is a bit cold on Reinhardt at the moment.

We'll attempt to catch up with Katin to get an idea of where he stands with the Zags.