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News Round Up: EWU Added To Schedule, 2013 Recruiting, Olynyk Injury, Theo Davis

The program's been light on hard news recently, but here are some items that have crossed our wires in the past 24 hours.

  • The men's team will open the 2011-2012 season against Eastern Washington University in the McCarthy Center on November 11th. Gonzaga owns this series in every way imaginable. They've won their last 23(!) contests against the Eagles and have won 30 of their last 31 against them. The last time EWU defeated Gonzaga was during the 1989-90 season. The game will be former Whitworth head coach Jim Hayford's first as coach of the Eagles. It will also mark former NBA player and Gonzaga color analyst Craig Ehlo's debut as an assistant coach at the collegiate level, an event I can only assume will make Greg Heister chortle even heartier than he usually does. The matchup is a rare Friday night game for the Bulldogs. 
  • Gonzaga is not in contact with 2013 prospect Dakari Allen. The Bay Area high schooler confirmed yesterday morning on the phone that, while he continues to hear rumblings that Gonzaga is interested in him, he hasn't actually heard anything from the program in several months. Meanwhile, Allen says he has talked continuously of late with Arizona and Colorado, the latter of which has offered him and is considered to be the frontrunner for his services. Allen has also logged offers from WCC schools Pepperdine and Saint Mary's, and noted his enthusiasm about the possibility of playing in the WCC. The 6'4" wing is largely known for his defensive abilities.  
  • Kelly Olynyk is healthy according to Toronto Sun reporter Ryan Wolstat. Speculation that Kelly was injured was fueled weeks ago by a comment on twitter indicating that he went down with an injury. This news would seem to indicate that if Kelly decides to redshirt this season - as reports from members of the team have indicated he is going to do - the decision will not be injury related. There has been no official word, however, concerning whether or not Kelly will spend his upcoming junior academic year as a red shirt. Kelly averaged 5.8 points and 3.8 rebounds in 13.5 minutes last season.
  • Former Gonzaga player Theo Davis has resurfaced on the basketball scene back in his native Canada. Davis made his debut for the Brock University Badgers in Ontario this week against North Florida University, who was in the country on a summer exhibition tour. Davis is seen to be a key player on a Badgers team with high expectations, and who won the Canadian National Championship in 2007-08. Davis was arrested during his red shirt freshman season at Gonzaga after being pulled over in a car carrying illegal substances. Davis played in only four games during his time at Gonzaga, and most recently played for Binghampton University. (h/t to @BrianRay88 for the heads up)

There are only 64 days left until Midnight Madness, and (we can only hope) the debut of the still-yet-unnamed Fab Five band. Feel free to send any name suggestions to @slipperstillfit.