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Ricky Kreklow reportedly chooses Cal

For the past few weeks, rumors have been swirling that Missouri transfer Ricky Kreklow would be the newest addition to the Gonzaga Bulldogs.  He visited campus a few weeks ago and most fans were simply waiting for confirmation he would join the team.  Well, we can cancel all that.  Kreklow has decided to transfer to Mike Montgomery and Cal. 

As a freshman last season, Kreklow played in 32 games for Missouri.  He averaged roughly 10 minutes a game and scored two points per game.  Despite a deep Tigers backcourt, Kreklow was poised to have a larger role in the Tigers rotation next season under Frank Haith.  Citing the desire to spread his wings a bit, Kreklow decided to explore transfer options and got some major bites, including the Zags and others.

In the end, Ricky felt the best fit as a Golden Bear and will join Mike Montgomery's squad after sitting out a season.  To be honest, the news of Kreklow choosing Cal is a bit of a relief.  Nothing against Kreklow, but he does not appear to be the biggest need at this time and scholarships are rather tight.

With a number of guards returning, albeit young ones, and intriguing prospects in the pipeline, I think most of us would prefer to see depth addressed in the frontcourt.