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Zags Dominating in Northwoods League

As some of you know, I’m broadcasting baseball this summer in the Northwoods League, which, next to the Cape Cod League, is the top summer collegiate baseball league in America. Luckily, I’ve gotten a chance to see some Zags out here in Wisconsin playing for the Green Bay Bullfrogs: Billy Moon, Steven Halcomb, and Andy Hunter, all of whom are making names for themselves in a premier league low on west coast representation.

Read below the jump for updates and scouting reports

Sophomore outfielder/pitcher Billy Moon has lit up the league this summer and was just voted "Best Athlete" in the Northwoods League All-Star Game scouting combine over the weekend by Perfect Game Crosschecker.  He’s been unbelievably clutch and has personally won games in extra innings against my Battle Creek Bombers twice. He pitched in relief earlier in the season but is now playing daily in centerfield for Green Bay who finished the first half tied for first place, but didn’t clinch the playoff berth (lower winning percentage in head-to-head play). As of tonight, he’s hitting .333 with a team-high 25 RBIs. He went 0-2 in the All-Star Game on Monday night.

Steven Halcomb has continued to be one of the premier defenders in the league, while echoing his spring at the plate, hitting about .200. If he can improve his bat speed this summer and work on his on-base percentage (working deeper into counts and drawing more walks) the whole GU lineup will benefit with the increased depth.

Andy Hunter has been pitching lights-out from the pen recently and has been a regular contributor at DH for the Frogs, jacking a homer against the Bombers not long ago high over the left field fence for the win. On the hill, he’s given up just nine runs through 35 innings, has struck out 35 and walked six and maintains an ERA about 2.30. His breaking ball has more movement and his velocity’s picked up 2-3 mph.

So even though Green Bay has kicked out butt at time this season, at least it’s been at the hands of some Gonzaga Bulldogs! Roll Zags.