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Report Now Indicating That NCAA Will Investigate Salinas Case

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Update: Contrary to the story referenced below that Andy Katz initially published Tuesday night, CBS Sports is now reporting that the NCAA is actively investigating the Salinas case.


Correction: Initially I had published Salinas was the operator of Houston Hoops AAU.  That is incorrect as he was the operator of the Houston Select program.  I apologize for the confusion.  - ZB

According to ESPN's Andy Katz, the NCAA at this time does not plan to formally investigate the coaches involved in the David Salinas fraud case.  Salinas, who committed suicide on Sunday, was a well-respected money manager whose clients included a wide variety of college football and basketball coaches.  Gonzaga's Mark Few and Ray Giacoletti were both named in reports as coaches that had a relationship with Salinas.

The situation was further complicated due to the fact that Salinas was the operator of the Houston Select AAU club, a program which has produced a number of division one players including former Zag Demetri Goodson.  It goes without saying that there is a tremendous conflict of interest when coaches are investing money with men who operate big time AAU clubs.  The NCAA, however, has reportedly decided that no rules were violated and that no further investigation is planned at this time.

This is a huge relief for fans of the program because anytime you are discussing thousands (and millions) of dollars going from college coach to a man involved with an AAU club, it could be a HUGE problem.  Without going into an ethical diatribe, it seems illogical to me how college coaches can possibly view this type of relationship as a good idea.  I would imagine that the NCAA would take a deeper look at these kind of relationships and strive for more transparency as it pertains to AAU hoops and college coaches.