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Prospect Introductions: 2012 guard Katin Reinhardt

If there is one trend that we can immediately recognize from the direction of the 2012 recruiting class, it is that Donny Daniels is having a tremendous impact.  The most recent addition to the Gonzaga coaching staff is one of the most established recruiters in the country, specifically in the state of California.  Thus far, the 2012 prospect list has basically been a who's who from The Golden State.  The latest addition to that prospect list is Katin Reinhardt from Mater Dei High School. 

Reinhardt, who decommited from USC in May, has seen his recruitment absolutely skyrocket over the past few months.  In a recent video from, Reinhardt specifically named Gonzaga as a program that has come on strong as of late. 

Reinhardt's stock was given a big jolt after his performance at the NBPA Camp in Virginia.  Against the best of the best from across the country, Reinhardt was one of the camp's leading scorers and drew rave reviews from those in attendance.  Eric Bossi of had this to say:

There's not any question that Reinhardt will be in line for a healthy bump the next time the rankings are updated. Pretty much anything that you could want out of an off guard, he's got it. Size, athleticism, shooting ability and the skill to handle the ball, all while playing physically, who doesn't like that in a player?

Katin currently holds offers from Arizona, Baylor, and North Carolina State in addition to Gonzaga.  With his showing thus far in the summer, there is little doubt that his list will continue to grow.  

What jumps out at me most from while researching Katin is the fact that every description details how physically he plays the game.  Not only does he have the ability to shoot it from outside, but he sounds like a player that can slash to the rim and finish in traffic.  As Max and I have both pointed out while discussing the future of this program, the biggest thing it needs is a jolt of athleticism and physicality across the board.  Katin seems to be a guy that fits this description perfectly.  With his current offer list that is only expected to grow, getting Katin is going to be difficult without a doubt.

While we never fully know what the staff's vision is, based on early mentions it is pretty clear to see how they are thinking.  Look for this class to include a couple of versatile and athletic post men that can play various spots in addition to a guy like Katin or Demarquise Johnson that can play on both ends of the court, shoot from range, and get to the rim in traffic.