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Demetri Goodson "strongly considering" Leaving Team

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According to multiple unnamed sources close to the program, junior point guard Demetri Goodson is "strongly considering" leaving the Gonzaga men’s basketball team.

Goodson, the only remaining member of the 2008 recruiting class, is said to be "seriously thinking about" pursuing football at Texas A&M University.

While it does not appear that the Aggies have offered Goodson a football scholarship, Texas A&M recruiting guru and senior writer Billy Liucci wrote late Saturday night of the possibility of an impending report that Goodson could transfer.  

Goodson’s brother, Carolina Panthers’ running back Mike Goodson, played football for the Aggies for three seasons between 2006 and 2008.

The news highlights the potential for yet another shift in a program that has already undergone a tumultuous spring. Last month, 6’6" sophomore wing, Mangisto Arop, confirmed widespread speculation that he would leave the program by becoming the sixth Gonzaga player since 2010 to do so.  

Two days later, the team added 6’5" junior wing, Guy Landry Edi (Midland, Tx. CC ), to an already well-stocked 2011-2012 recruiting class.

Both of these roster moves came amidst the Zags’ awkward courtship of controversial USC transfer Bryce Jones, who postponed two scheduled visits to Gonzaga at the last minute.

Jones’ interest in Gonzaga was said to have lessened upon hearing that Landry, by signing with the team, had secured the Zags’ last available athletic scholarship. In multiple interviews, however, Jones has repeatedly not ruled out playing for Gonzaga next season, and now claims to be visiting the campus May 10th.

Were Goodson to leave, his departure would vacate a scholarship that could be offered to Jones immediately.  

Goodson would be only the fourth junior to leave the program in the Modern Zag Era, and only the second multi-year starter (Pierre-Marie Altidor-Cespedes) ever to transfer.