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The Slipper Still Fits Bracket Challenge!

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After last night's tremendous Gonzaga victory, I have caught quite the case of tourney fever.  As a fun little community endeavor, I've set up a Bracket Challenge group on ESPN for ultimate bragging rights.  There will be some type of prize but I can also guarantee that I'll create some space on the sidebar for each year's bracket winner.  So, for this first year, it could be yours all by itself! 

Here are the steps to join the pool:

1:  Link:
2.  Sign in with your ESPN username/password.  It is free and quick if you don't have one already.
3.  Once you sign in, you'll need to 'Create an Entry' and then "Join a group"
4.  There will be a big group directory page and simply search for group "Slipper Still Fits".  NOTE: The group name is "Slipper Still Fits" not "The Slipper Still Fits".  Somehow, someone already took that name.  What are the odds.
5.  The password for the group is: marquise

To recap: Click the link, create an entry, click to join a group

Group: Slipper Still Fits
Password: marquise

Go Zags!