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Your Gonzaga Student Guide to Vegas

This weekend in Vegas is going to be sick! For those of you who are students (or recent grads trying to re-live your glory days), here's the student agenda.

This thread can also double as a place for your epic stories come Monday morning. Hope to see some of you there!

1. Hotel: Treasure Island. The Kennel Club got some sweet students deals, and we pretty much take over the lobby after games. The actual team is staying in Mandalay Bay if you want to spot them post-game.

2. Drink: "Rhumbar" at The Mirage. KC has a tab and reserved a private patio area and a live DJ from 11pm tonight through Sunday night.

3. Gamble: If you're of age, anywhere. If you're underage but look like you COULD be 21, and are a girl, hit The Mirage...I saw plenty of it last Spring Break haha.

4. Shenanigans: Steal a tiger, get your best friend kidnapped, get punched by Mike Tyson, pretend to be Rainman, ask "Caesar didn't actually live here, did he?" to the receptionist in the lobby of Caesar's Palace, do jagerbombs, or reenact any number of classic scenes from The Hangover like a respectable college student.

5. Game Schedule: if you aren't passed out by game time, here's the schedule. Sunday 7:30pm (semis), Monday 6:00pm.

Any big plans for those of you who'll be there? GO ZAGS!